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Herentals (Belgium) Hardcore act UPPERHAND was founded in 1999 by A MILE AHEAD bassist Stefan Van Bael (aka AVB), being joined by singer Bram Helsen and guitarist Ben Cavens. Drafting drummer Dries Dams, ANTI-BODY's Davy Geerts as second vocalist and Jef Haverans on guitar the band known as UPPERHAND officially came into being during early 2001. First product would see the band entering D├ęStudios in Asse with Dirk Miers to craft the demo 'Hope For Nothing'. A second session, 'Solid "Body & Mind', ensued in November of 2003.

A line up change in August of 2004 witnessed the departure of Helsen and recruitment of Jef Van De Vel.

2006, the single 'eye new eye' is recorded and the new line-up is ready to hit it hard.